“To be killed in war is not the worst that can happen. To be lost is not the worst that can happen… to be forgotten is the worst.” -Pierre Claeyssens (1909-2003)          

The Colorado Gold Star Parents Weekend was started In 2006, when the Colorado Blue Star Mother’s hosted the first weekend to support their Gold Star parents and the Fallen Heroes from their state. This event took place in Estes Park, CO on the last weekend in September, which was Gold Star Mother’s Day. There were 30 families that came that year to honor and remember their loved one. Most of these families were not military, so with the death of their child, they were thrown into the “military world”. They were caught in between the military and civilian world in their grief and they were finally able to find a place where everyone understood. In 2017 the Gold Star Project of Colorado was created to protect the weekend and create its own 501(c)(3) organization to continue to support the Gold Star Parents of Colorado.

          The weekend is a safe haven for the families where they can come together to be with other families who have lost their child that served in the military. We honor all of the Fallen Heroes, be it a death by suicide, KIA, accident or illness. To date we have over 270 Fallen Heroes that we honor and remember. The number of families that have attended the weekend has grown from 30 in 2006 to 70 in 2016.

          During this healing seminar/weekend, we provide information, resources, references, counselors, speakers, workshops and anything that will assist the parents on their grief journey. All are thankful for a place where they can freely express their grief, pride, joys and sorrows. They can speak about their children and honor their lives where everyone understands.

          Every year, funds are raised to support this weekend.  Throughout the year fundraisers, presentations, grant and letter writing are done to cover the cost of the weekend. We feel the families have sacrificed enough for our state and nation so this is our gift to them.

          It is our hopes that we will be able to continue honoring and supporting the Gold Star Parents as long as necessary. They are all amazing families!


“Thank you for keeping the memory of my son alive.” - A Gold Star Mom

Colorado Gold Star Parents Weekend

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